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PVC / PU Suction Hose

PVC Helix Hose, PVC / PU Suction Hose, PVC/PU Anti Static Suction Hose, PVC Anti Shock Suction Hose, PVC Grit Hose
Especally ideal for ventilation and air conditioning system, industrial vacuum cleaner, and granulate conveying systems...
As antistatic suction and transport hose ideally for below substance..
As suction and transport hose especially suitable for below substance...
As suction and discharge hose ideal for abrasive powders, chips, gravel, send, cement, shavings, and smoke, vapours.
As suction and delivery hose especially suitable for Abrasive solids such as dusts,powders,chips, and grains ect.
As suction and discharge hose very ideally for abrasive mineral sands, gravel, cement, powders, chips, shavings.
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