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General Purpose PVC Hose

PVC Steel Wire Reinforced Hose, PVC Fibre Reinforced Hose, PVC Clear Single Hose, PVC Garden Hose, PVC Shower Hose, PVC Gas Hose, PVC Air Hose, Spray Hose, PVC Lay Flat Hose
Widely used for sucking or discharging of water, oil, weak chemicals and powders in industry, agriculture, factory, mining and building etc.
Widely used for conveyance of water, air, oil, weak chemicals and other gases, liquids in industry, agriculture, foodstuff and sanitary etc.
Widely used for conveyance of water, oil, weak chemicals and other liquids under low pressure condition in foodstuff, sanitary, industry, agriculture and aquatic animals equipment etc.
Mainly used for watering and irrigation for garden and cleaning in daily.
Mainly used for conveyance of water for shower bath and toilet fittings
Mainly used for conveying of water, air, oil and inert gas in industry, agriculture, construction, engineering and machinery etc.
Mainly used for conveying of liquids gas and natural gas for household fuel gas system.
Mainly used for spraying agricultural chemicals in agriculture and high pressure water, air or other liquids in high pressure washing machine, construction machinery and industry production.
Ideal durable hose for irrigation and drainage in the farmland and garden, cement filing, river-way sand extraction, water discharge in the construction site, road building and so on.
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