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Air Conditioner Hose, Brake Hose, Belts, Coolant System Hoses, Fuel Hoses, Hose Clamps, Power Steering Hose, Radiator Hose, Silicone Hose, Seal Strip.
Air Conditioner Hose SAE J2064 Type C and Type E for R 134a
SAE J1401 Hydraulic Brake Hose, SAE J1402 Air Brake Hose, SAE J844 Air Brake Hose
Silicone Hose, EPDM Hose, NBR and CR Hose; Radiator Hose, Engine Water Hose, Warm Air Hose, Turbo Tube
Fuel Hose, Oil Hose
Power Steering Pressure Hose, Return Hose
We produce many types of hose clamps such as American type hose clamp, European type hose clamps, Germany Type hose clamp, British Type hose clamp, U clamps, t-bolt clamps, hi-torque hose clamp and so on.
All kinds of Rubber Seal Strip